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We encourage you to participate in the biggest giving event in Central Texas!

About Us

The Austin Reuse Coalition is a collective of nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, business leaders and passionate community members hosting Austin's first ever Restaurant Blitz. 

Restaurant Blitz is a consumer-led foodware audit for restaurants in Austin, Texas. Restaurant Blitz Austin is conducted using the app PlasticScore to assess the use of single-use plastics during dining or take out experience. Through Restaurant Blitz Austin, we can identify which single-use plastic items are most prominent in Austin as well as identify champions in the food industry.

Eighteen months ago, we organized a TrashBlitz to better understand what types of plastic pollution were escaping the waste stream in Austin. We learned that single-use plastic foodware was one of the top items polluting our community. To better understand what types of single-use foodware items and materials are used, Austin Reuse Coalition is organizing a Restaurant Blitz to conduct a city-wide audit. With a clear answer to the plastic items that are entering the waste stream in Austin from food facilities, we will be able to better guide businesses towards a reuse culture specific to Austin.


Austin Reuse Coalition's mission is to prevent landfill waste by supporting Austin in the transition from single-use disposables to reusable alternatives.

 “Every year, In the U.S., we use 561 billion disposable foodware accessories,
which in turn create 4.9 million tons of waste." - The Overbrook Foundation

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